Actually, almost semi-recently, CA
December 4, 2017
Communication Arts recognized our Meijer holiday spot “Do You See What I See?” as one of the best television commercials of the year by anyone anywhere. Thank you, Communication Arts!

This just in: Great News from Ad Age
December 1, 2017

Okay, well…this isn’t exactly breaking news. But it really did happen. And we’re actually really proud of it. For the third time since we opened in 2012, The Distillery Project was named an Ad Age Small Agency of the Year. We probably should have mentioned this a lot earlier, because it’s kind of a big deal.


Recently, at the Chicago Addy's
November 17, 2017

Okay, well…actually not so recently (the Chicago Addy’s were kind of a while ago) our Meijer holiday spot “Do You See What I See?” was voted best film from any agency, any size, any category. So naturally, we’re pretty proud of that—especially since here in Chicago where we’re up against some of the biggest and best-known agencies in the country. Just thought we’d pass along the good news before Santa showed up again.

How the Best Holiday Ads of 2016 Worked Their Magic

Feels great to be in such good company.


AD OF THE DAY - Santa Is Everywhere (for Kids, at Least) in Meijer's Magical Holiday Ad

See what they saw, and said, here.

The Greatest Holiday Commercials Countdown 2016

Our Santa spot even got its own TV show. Sort of.
Stream the entire CW countdown, right here.


One Small Step for The Distillery Project, One Giant Leap...

We’re fond of saying what we do isn’t rocket science.

But this time we were wrong.

On September 30th, the Rosetta Mission successfully ended its twelve-year journey by intentionally crashing into Comet 67P - the subject of Rosetta's study for the past two years.

Arrow Electronics worked with the European Space Agency on this important mission, and we were fortunate enough to be able to tell the World about it.

Check out our latest work for Arrow below, and learn even more about Rosetta and the ESA here.

Mike McCarthy Markets Meijer

As an agency of mostly diehard Chicago Bears fans, it was interesting to be given an assignment working with the head coach of the Green Bay Packers. But that’s exactly what Meijer came to us with.

We responded with a series of :15 spots that will run throughout the season. Don’t know that we could actually do spots for the Packers, but Coach McCarthy is a great guy and we’d work with him anytime.

Best of luck Coach—except of course on October 20th and December 18th.

Forbes Agrees - Fair Play Means Fair Pay

When your work shows up in Forbes, you know you're doing something right for your client.

Check out what they had to say about Lifeway Kefir, Carli Lloyd and Fair Pay.

Carli Lloyd & Lifeway Kefir

Recently, we had the incredible opportunity to work with Carli Lloyd on behalf of Lifeway Kefir.

Captain of the two-time gold medal-winning USWNT, Lloyd is one of the world’s most accomplished female soccer players. She’s the only athlete ever to score two gold medal-winning goals. She scored a hat trick in the World Cup Final, and led the U.S. to a record third Cup win.

Using the platform of her success, Lloyd has taken on even greater challenges.

Whether it’s helping to fuel her performance on the pitch or standing by her side in addressing important social issues, Lifeway Kefir is proud to play a part. And, so were we in bringing these two spots to life.

Special thanks to Lifeway, Carli Lloyd, Christian Weber at Park Pictures, Rick Lawley at The Whitehouse and Human Music.

Conversations with Giants
July 21st, 2016

"My whole career plan was to do the best work that I possibly could; because I thought that if I did something good, I might get asked to do something else."

Simple advice from our founder.

As a giant in stature, heart and advertising, John Condon is the latest guest on John Immesoete’s Conversations with Giants. Have a look, and hear John’s thoughts on humility, friendships, and what’s important in today’s ad business.